Fr Arnold Trauner enters the Mater Boni Consilii Institute

Fr Arnold Trauner

On 26 April 2017, Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Fr Arnold Trauner, an Austrian priest, joined the Mater Boni Consilii Institute, with a profession of intentions that binds him to our little religious family.

Fr Trauner was born on 22 May 1970, he studied in the SSPX seminary in Zaitzkofen, and he was ordained a priest on 25 June 1994 by Mgr de Galarreta, also in Zaitzkofen.

He exercised his ministry in Austria, and then became a missionary in Africa (Gabon, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Nigeria), in New Zealand, and in other anglophone countries.

He left the SSPX in 2013.

He has been already collaborating with us and with Mgr Sanborn for some years, for the celebration of the Holy Mass in England, attending also the Spiritual Exercises for priests in Verrua in 2016, and the Ordination of Fr Madi.

After a long reflection, Fr Trauner has thus embraced the Cassiciacum Thesis.

Now he celebrates the Holy Mass in Austria, near Vienna, in Hungary, and in England.

We warmly welcome Fr Trauner, our new brother, granting him our help and prayers.

Veritas liberabit vos. Deo Gratias.