The Syllabus

10 Agosto 2016

Index of principal errors and false doctrines of our time By Pope Blessed Pius IX I. Pantheism, Naturalism and Absolute Rationalism 1. There exists no […]

Quanta Cura

10 Agosto 2016

Encyclical Letter promulgated on 8 December 1864. By Pope Blessed Pius IX To Our Venerable Brethren, all Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, and Bishops having favor and […]

Mortalium animos

8 Agosto 2016

Encyclical of Pope Pius XI on religious unity To our venerable brethren the Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, Bishops, and other local ordinaries in pace and communion […]


10 Luglio 2016

Encyclical on the doctrines of the Modernists By Pope Saint Pius X To the Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, Bishops and other Local Ordinaries in Peace and […]


10 Luglio 2016

Apostolic Constitution on a Syllabus of Errors Condemning Modernism given on July 3, 1907 By Pope Saint Pius X With truly lamentable results, our age, […]